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There may be several reasons fou need a quick house sale. The need may suddenly spring up from a financial difficulty, emigration, shift to a new house, downsizing, divorce or just about anything.

With estate agents taking over 140 days to find a buyer, it's likely that you don't have enough time to put the house on the open market. In such a case you are going to need the services of a genuine cash home buying company. Thats' us!

Selling Your Home Can Be a Difficult Process

Welcome to the crazy world of house sales. Selling your home in the open market through an estate agent may take you anything from 6 months to several years to find a good buyer.

At times even when you think all is done and the deal is about to be sealed, things do not work out. Remember there is always a slip between the cup and the lip.

Quick house sale is not as easy as it seems. It involves a long and uncertain process. Moreover there are always chances of getting cheated. It is here where cash house buying companies like us can be of help. We provide guaranteed cash sale within a very short time frame which can be anywhere between a week and a month.

Why Deals through an Agent Can Be Time Consuming

Deals are not likely to work out very quickly when using an estate agent. Majority of buyers who approach through agents come up with several problems:

  • Most of them will want to arrange a mortgage
  • Most of them will choose a solicitor who in turn will be unable to hasten the transaction
  • Many  of them may just change their decision at the last moment
  • Many will not know exactly when will they be ready with the cash

Reasons Why You May Need a Service like Ours:

It is not always possible to look for a buyer yourself or even via a property agent. The reason being, it may take a while before you strike a deal. At times sellers do not have enough time in their hands and the reason may be varied. Sellers need services like ours when

·         They face repossession and need to sell their property quickly in order to stop court proceedings.

·         If they have debt problems and need quick cash in hand by selling their house

·         In case they need to relocate and do not have much time to sell their property in the open market via an estate agent.

·         If the owners are going through a divorce and need to dispose of the house quickly so that they can move on with their lives

·         If the seller inherits a property that he is not interested to keep and is looking for quick cash deal

 We Offer Quick Services

We at propertynetlink start off with the sales process as soon as you approach us. We waste no time in carrying out a quick survey of your house no matter which locality. The best part about us is, we buy any house. Once we are done with our survey we quickly make cash proposal for your house.

We try to keep our deals best so that you are happy with it. All houses are consider on the basis of their individual qualities and are offered a price accordingly.

We Can Help Sell Your House Swiftly

Propertynetlink specialises as a cash house buyer. We can make sure that the sale of your house is hassle-free, fast and completes within the stipulated time frame.

We also provide personal and professional services to ensure best price for your house.


Our main aim is to make things as simple as possible for you so that there is no doubt, no uncertainty only happy house sellers.

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TestimonialsLaurie L. Blue

We thank you for completing the deal so fast. It was prompt indeed. Never though selling a house could be so easy. Received the entire amount! Happy and contented we can now settle down in our new home.

TestimonialsNorma T. Leite

I needed to sell my house quickly as I had to relocate. To be frank I was confused and did not know whom to turn to for quick help. Proprtynetlink helped me with their amazing services and gave me a cash deal. I can’t thank them enough.

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